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America.   USA.    The land of opportunity.   The home of the big fat cheeseburger.   However you think of us, why not come say hi?      

Taiwan has visa free entry into the USA for 90 days!    If you’re looking to come visit why not polish up on your English before you come? Take a quick English refresher course with Language Shine.   Language Shine can provide you with travel focused vocabulary review to make your trip easier and also give some tips on what to expect when you’re in America.

Minutes per lesson
Chinese/English PDF Guide to download

English Cram Courses for USA Travel

$15 USD
  • Click to buy three 20-minute online tutoring sessions with a TEFL certified ESL instructor from Language Shine. Lesson focus is on travel theme and travel within USA. You will also receive a free download USA Travel Guide for Taiwanese PDF with handy Chinese English translations and recommended tourists destinations